What We Fund

Music Empowers Foundation provides funding to nonprofits that provide music instruction to children in communities where it does not exist or is underdeveloped. The Foundation acts as a clearinghouse to identify and partner with organizations that have the best potential to make a sustainable and measurable impact. Because of this, we can support a diversity of quality initiatives, giving a greater number of children the opportunity to learn, play, create and perform music.

The types of organizations/programs that will be considered for support by Music Empowers Foundation will include:

  1. Public charities and foundations that provide free instruments and/or music instruction programs directly to public schools without music programs. This includes organizations such as: Little Kids Rock and Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation.
  2. Academies, universities and colleges that conduct music education outreach programs that serve needy communities whether adjacent to the institution or more geographically diverse. Berklee College of Music's City Music Program is a good example.
  3. Nonprofit organizations that redistribute monies to individual public schools/teachers requesting support for specific music education projects. An example of such an organization is DonorsChoose.org.
  4. A consortium of multiple nonprofits working together and pooling resources to address a broad scale lack of music education programs in a particular geographic area, such as New Orleans or the Bronx. Here, a good example is the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium.

Please note that the Music Empowers Foundation does not provide scholarships or funding to individuals.